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Rabbi Evan Moffic discusses one of his favorite passages from Ecclesiastes and the 5 things it teaches us about managing risk. Risk is everywhere in life, even when it's minimal. As people, it's important to think long term, because what we're doing right now determines our future. We should look to create multiple streams of income to prepare us for whatever eventualities come our way, as well as focus on small, consistent, patient actions to get us where we want to go.


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Rabbi Evan Moffic examines 6 of the reasons that King Solomon was able to amass as much as he was able during his life. They're all things that we ourselves can utilize to make our lives better. We all need to keep our focus in a distracted world in order to allow us to discover what our unique advantage is. It's also important to figure out how we can get things done through other people, while also identifying what we should say yes to and what we should say no to.


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Rabbi Moffic takes today's show to discuss Joshua, the successor of Moses, and the three things he is told by God that are still applicable today. In some degree, we are all successors of those that came before us. In the bible God's advice to Joshua, to never let the bible part from his lips, to meditate on it day and night, and to be careful to do all that is in it, teach him to be the leader that he's meant to be. We can use that advice from God to teach us the habits we need in our daily lives so that we stay consistent with what is important to us. Listen to Rabbi Evan Moffic as he explains how advice given so many thousands of years ago is still crucial to our lives today.


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