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Today, Rabbi Moffic discusses wealth in terms of freedom, independence, and the ability to live the kind of life that we’d like. Of course, we must learn to navigate challenging times. Rabbi Moffic reminds of the Hebrew scripture that says that God created the cure before the illness. He reminds us that humans are not a burden as some have thought but rather an asset, and capable of dealing with challenges beyond what we can imagine. 

[3:00] Why does God allow this disease, COVID-19, to spread around the world?

[4:45] God created the cure before the illness. 

[6:30] We figure out how to solve problems, we believe there is a solution.

[7:20] The error of the Malthusian sees human beings as a burden rather than an asset. 

[9:00] Think about the notion of debt and deficits. We’re capable of dealing with more than we give ourselves credit for. 

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