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Today, Rabbi Evan Moffic discusses wisdom and the pursuit of a life of freedom, and a life of true wealth, success, and significance. Evan shares some of the same principles the ancient Israelites used and how they are applicable in today’s investment real estate. Lastly, Evan reminds us of the importance of how we treat the land that we are borrowing from God. 

Key Takeaways:

[2:05]  Money isn’t a dirty topic, how we spend our money often illustrates our values

[3:20] What are some of the principles that guided the way that the ancient Israelites saw land?

[4:37] All of the lands belong to God, we are just borrowing it

[7:12] Be honest with the land

[9:38] In twelfth-century Italy the largest property owners were three Jewish women aside from the baron

[10:17] Land isn’t invincible, it can’t sustain everything we put on it


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